This module is under construction. This advisor will provide interactive guidance on the benefits, including increased lighting quality and occupant productivity, from the proper design of daylighting for open office spaces. The content for a  series of daylighting topics has already been developed and is now being packaged for online interactive use. 

These topics will access multiple parametric images of a typical open office space, with a number of elements that vary, including lighting system types, ceiling heights, window types and amounts, solar shading, light-shelves, atrium / non-atrium, and furniture landscape types and arrangements.

Alpha Draft Images
Shown to the right are a few "alpha" version draft images that include a light-shelf and an atrium. The images on the left show 12'-6" ceilings and pendant-mounted direct-indirect luminaires. The images on the right show 10'-6" ceilings and 2'x4' recessed parabolic luminaires. These alpha images were generated in "sketch" mode to minimize computer time, have already been reviewed and refined, and generation of parametric variations has begun.
Click on an image to see a larger version.  
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Revised 6 Mar 01