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CD Version- HVAC Energy Primer

The HVAC Energy Primer CD that contains over 4 hours of introductory level content about HVAC Fundamentals. The CD emphasizes the operations and maintenance of HVAC systems in existing buildings. 



Cost of CD

$ 79.95 Standard price per CD.
$ 49.95 Discounted price per CD for government & education users.
$ 34.95 Special education price per CD for a CD 10-pack.
Site licenses are also available.

Online Version is Free
The entire content of HVAC Energy Primer is available online at no cost. However, to use the online version, you need:

  • to download the Macromedia Authorware plug-in for your browser.
  • Have reasonably fast Internet access, such as DSL, cable, or better.



System Requirements

The following minimum system requirements:

  • MS Windows (tm) 95 / 98 / NT / 2000
  • 486 25 mhz CPU processor or higher
  • (Pentium 90+ mhz recommended)
  • 800 x 600 SVGA display
  • 16 Mbytes RAM
  • 2 Mbytes hard disk space
  • CD drive

The HVAC Energy Primer CD currently works only on PCs, not on the MAC or on Linux.