The HVAC Energy Primer presents:
  • 4 hours of course content 
  • 13 topics of HVAC Fundamentals 
  • 3 general categories, plus 
  • several goal-oriented problem-solving exercises.

Course content includes:

  • Fundamentals
    - Human comfort
    - Thermal Loads
    - Psychrometrics
    - How an HVAC System Functions
    - Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs)
  • Components
    - Conversion
    - Distribution
    - Controls
  • HVAC Classifications
    - All-Air systems
    - Air-and-water systems
    - All-Water systems
    - Unitary Systems
    - ???
  • Problem-Solving Exercises


There are conceptual introductions to 5 HVAC topics: Human Comfort,Thermal Loads, How an HVAC System Functions, Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECO’s), Psychrometrics.


There are descriptions for over 40 HVAC Components, grouped by:

  • Conversion Equipment
  • Distribution Equipment
  • Controls.
HVAC Classifications: Over 16 types of HVAC systems are presented in 5 categories. A special feature is the 3D animations of all-air systems.
Problem-Solving Exercise: It is a summer day. Building occupants are hot and complaining (again). The HVAC system is using way too much energy. Your challenge is to find and fix the problems with the system. You may select from a number of climate loactions and you can specify the energy rates. Hints are available if you have registered as an energy novice. Can you find all the cost savings? (Generally 33% to 50% for this exercise).