Phase 1 Lighting Energy Advisor (LEA) Content:

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Surface Reflectance

    Application - 2-person office

Surface Luminance Ratios
   Application - 2-person office

Comparing 3 Typical Lighting Designs 
    Application - large open office

Task Lighting
    Application - large open office

Lighting Controls
    Application - small conference room

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Planned LEA Phase 2 topics include:

Retrofit vs. Redesign
    Application - large open office
Spacing Criteria & Partition Factors
Application - large open office


The Lighting Energy Advisor (LEA) takes a different approach from most training courses and guidance materials about energy efficient lighting. LEA focuses on:

  • The balance of lighting quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Design issues.
  • Estimates of lighting quality.
  • Visual, cost, and energy impacts of lighting design decisions.
  • Occupant productivity. 

Revised 5 Mar 01