This topic is available in Shockwave and lets you explore the application of light reflecting from surfaces within a typical 2-person office. 

You may try any of 3 exercises, which allow you to change the reflectance of key room surfaces to:

  1. Increase desktop light levels

  2. Switch from 2-tube to 1-tube luminaires

  3. Improve light  balance on room surfaces

The 3 images at the right show:

  • high surface reflectance (top, immediate right)
  • low surface reflectance (bottom, immediate right)
  • comparison of both views (far right), allowing you to compare 2 solutions surface by surface, including inter-reflectance.

Computer-generated images. Over 500 images have been generated by the Lightscape imaging program to help you visualize the impacts of changing room reflectance. 

Lighting Quality Meter. This quality meter gives you feedback about how your choices impact the visual quality in this small office space. As you can see, surface reflectance can have a major impact on visual quality. The quality estimates have been developed by the project team by applying a methodology developed by IESNA.

Click on an image above to see a larger version.
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Revised 3 Mar 01